Sehun - Elle Man magazine

The members all say you’re maturing really quickly, do you feel it yourself?
Sehun: Yes, everyone who sees me says so. I’ve grown taller, my shoulders have also broadened a lot, and it feels like it’ll keep going [like that]. when I think back to debut days I really have changed a lot … … but…

kpop halloween playlist for the upcoming holiday! this features songs that have the scary, creepy, and lingering feelings of halloween based on the lyrics, overall melody, and music video (if there is one). the playlist can be found here with two other additional songs not in the picture above because i didn’t have them on my itunes.

wendy losing all control of her face on hello counselor

20/ gifs of krystal ships 
  → rainstal: filming for running man

43/100 edits of Red Velvet
43/100 edits of Red Velvet

jongin showing off his teleportation powers